Mission and Values


‘To provide outstanding community and skills learning that meets the needs of learners, communities and local businesses'


  1. Providing learning which is enjoyable, successful and supports health and wellbeing as well as progression to further study or work.
  2. Promoting an inclusive and supportive culture of high expectations in which diversity is valued and learners can feel safe and excel.
  3. Celebrating personal achievement and success.
  4. Providing outstanding guidance and support.
  5. Striving for excellence and innovation in everything we do involving learners and stakeholders in decision making and improving services.
  6. Investing in the development of our staff so they can best contribute to our success.
  7. Collaborating and leading in strategic partnerships with local communities and businesses.
  8. Achieving high learner and employer satisfaction, providing excellent value for money.
  9. Providing excellent facilities and a sustainable flexible service responsive to local priorities in the current economic climate.