01 October 2018

matrix assessment - excellent news

We have gone through our latest matrix assessment with flying colours and we have maintained our accreditation. Our assessor was at the Institute for four days last week interviewing Governors, staff, learners and partners.  

Key strengths from the assessor feedback included:

  • Our September dissemination event – sharing our best practice with sector colleagues
  • Passion for learning and learners who are empowered to be involved both at the Institute and within their community
  • Continuous improvement with IAG seamlessly embedded across the service
  • Strong culture of planning and reviewing
  • Visibility of staff
  • Unerring commitment to support and nurture  learners to achieve their goals;  Learners expressed this strongly, they valued that they are each seen as an individual. It’s about them not just the group.   
  • Working in harmony with the community
  • Our progression pathways and clear layout in the Prospectus supporting IAG and learner choice
  • Destination tracking is impressive with an individual approach which encourages learners to share their post course journeys and to provide further support and IAG for those who need it
  • Staff recognition through our compliments and staff of the month initiatives

Our assessor also commented very favourably on our embedding of Learn My Way, investment in learning support and the focus on STEM in Family Learning. There will be more on this in our written report.

The final written report  will come in the next few weeks. Meanwhile our thanks to everyone who took part  - this is a great result for the Institute.



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